jack CAVE

Jack Cave is a Chicago-based artist, designer, and the founder of Jack Cave LLC.

A respected Creative Director, Jack Cave has over 25 years of senior corporate experience in Commercial Graphics (Greeting Cards), Tabletop, Exhibition, Event and Retail Design with major international companies including Hallmark Cards Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, Tupperware Corporation, Zak Designs and Jack Cave LLC.

Sustainability and recycling have been at the heart of his professional creativity in recent years. In his art and design he combines pre-owned fashion and accessories with commercial fabrics, hardware, cutting-edge photographic and graphics techniques, surface pattern and applied texture. Jack’s passion is for taking the discarded and the overlooked, applying vision and purpose to create meaningful, desirable and relevant products.

Jacks’ art, fashion and accessory collections are available online and have generated an exciting global interest. His collections have featured in many fashion publications and events throughout the country including key events at Halls Department Store in Kansas City, ‘Shape of Now’ Chicago, ‘One of a Kind Show’ Chicago.

Jack is currently instructor of Shape and Theory in Garments, Advance Fabrication and Materials, Advance Shape and Theory and Spacial Habitat  at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



NeckArt are highly individual soft luxury scarves to adorn the neck.They juxtapose discarded and surplus luxury fabrics such as cashmere, cashmere blends, and leather.

NeckArt interprets a vibrant blend of rich color blocking, pattern and texture accentuated by hand-cut leather and suede fringing to create the most luxuriously warm and stylish must-have addition to your wardrobe.

NeckArt (LEVELS) Designer Jack Cave creator of NeckART works with artisans Bear Pallasch and Kirin Ng to create “LEVELS” a luscious 3-tier pullover cowl. Made of the finest Merino wool yarn with a half double crochet through the bar and brioche knit.



WallArt's inspiration is derived from the exploration of cities such as; Chicago, London, Frankfurt, New York and Paris. Urban and industrial decay exposes the rich compositions inherent in the juxtaposition of the discarded and overlooked in our abandon urban landscape.

WallArt embraces and encapsulates the beauty in the discarded and overlooked. Pattern, texture, form and the patina of decay harmonize with re-colonizing natural flora.  In Wallart the discarded and the overlooked are re-worked and re-imaged into something amazing to revitalize YOUR habitat.



PocketArt is a unique creative remix of the pocket square. Discarded and surplus luxury fabrics and leather are crafted into an adjustable insert-and-go unisex accessory that eliminated the hassle of folding a pocket square.

PocketArt is THE modern way to add personality and elegance to your suit or blazer.



BagART is salvaged lux materials and leathers with a modern design aesthetic. Amazing detail and functionality such as adjustable and interchangeable parts. Cave’s bags have modern classic silhouette with a cool hip vibe.